How to strategize your eBay Store Growth?

There are proven strategies and techniques to increase your online store growth. In this post you will read about implementing simple and basic skills through which you can practically increase your visibility, sales, leads and conversion rate. Let’s see what they are.

Prioritize your store loading speed

Yes! The speed at which your store loads is of utmost importance. There are several factors like your very own eBay store design, your sales platform, number of images that you have uploaded on the store, the design of your listing pages etc. anything can slow you down. Read below where certain factors are listed impacting your speed related to images:

1) Images

Use proper size of images, a small image doesn’t tend to secure small space on server. It want take less time to load, the loading time will be same as of the regular images.

2) Reduce the file size

Selecting right size and file type of an image is equally important when you are optimizing your store speed. You need to ensure the exact image file type is embedded in your eBay shop design.

3) Combine images

If use of multiple images is inevitable, then try to combine them making a large one this will save load time. Compare single large image load time with multiple images loading.

Explore the Smartphone Dimensions

It is risking your business if you ignore mobiles that play an important role in fetching heavy amount of sales and lead. It is very important to capture the increased use of smartphones in this competitive ecommerce industry where every seller is using every inch of technology to leverage the buyer.

1) Responsive eBay Listing Designs

Sellers have implemented new trend of offering buyers with responsive designs that are productive to both buyers and sellers. Sellers are obvious to earn, but buyers are facilitated to shop more, fast checkouts, payments, shipment tracking, delivery, more options for buying desired products, intuitive products search and much more.

2) Excellent optimization of mobile eBay store design

Think of yourself to be redirected to a page where you get unwanted information when you click a product link on the seller’s store. Even google has laid restrictions on such practices where buyers are misleaded by faulty misdirection from an eBay store to unwanted third party links.

Optimizing Conversion Rates

Many sellers have neglected the task to optimize the conversions through which they can earn handsome amount of sales. Read below the details to do so:

1) Clarity is undefined clause

Be more specific while describing products online and lay stress on convincing the buyer when they read them.

2) Leverage buyers in ethical manner

Introduce discounts and offers to the buyers on rates, offer them free shipping or return product shipping if possible. Use automated mail systems to acknowledge them about their purchase, shipment tracking and delivery details.

3) Sharpen your search tools

According to an ecommerce study 21% buyers instantly make an exit from an online store search due to incompetency of the search results. It is an obvious fact that if you don’t get relevant result for what you search, you are going to search elsewhere. So, why let them go. Why not refine the search tools.

Well, speed and friendly use of a store are crucial metrics to survive online. These factors drive sales into your store and repeat buyers. Read this post twice and try to implement them from today itself to get good results.


Fastest eBay shop design solutions from a leading online marketing & designing expert

Read below the benefits of having an eBay shop design and templates for eBay listings for your online store. How can an eBay store design help you stand out of the crowd? See what features you get when you install these designs on your eBay store and how you can attract more buyers with them?


Expert team at eBayStoreDesigner is capable of creating custom eBay stores that will work professionally and give you a strong identity online as well as a memorable brand image amongst your buyers. The expert team at eBayStoreDesigner creates and implements beautiful imagery and sales content for your eBay shop design that will tempt buyers to get attracted towards you.

We will help you develop a fully customized eBay store so that you can strategically develop to successfully promote your product listings online. This will also enable you to sell more effectively than before and even more than your competitors.

Our Strategy

The eBay shop design integrated by our professionals will include your brand, business and product theme in it. In this way you will be able to sell your products effectively and increase your sales.

What you get from us?

A fully custom made eBay store design that meets your requirements. The design will be in accordance with your company profile, business nature, product line, logo etc. your store will have beautiful imagery and content that will increase your sales upto 40%.

Header, Dynamic Banners, Custom Store front & Templates for eBay Listings

Your storefront will reflect the image of your business. For example a highly intelligent logo will be placed in your design so that a brand image is developed across your buyers, you will also get a customized header and attractive flash banners that will showcase your products in a professional manner. You also get intelligent templates for eBay listings to facilitate buyers to extract more sales from them.

Lowest price and Superior Quality guaranteed

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Buyer’s Journey: From Acquisition to Support Services

The entire journey of buyer has 7 breakthroughs, read them below.

  1. First when your buyer discovered your product online
  2. Interacted with you
  3. Started browsing your store
  4. Made a purchase from you
  5. You confirmed the order
  6. Delivery made successful
  7. After sales services given

It seems good and this way you get repeated buyers and brand yourself. But what if your buyer expects and you fail to meet his/her requirements any way. Hence here we have pointed certain key points regarding your buyers and how eBay store front solutions can help you. How they interact with each other. Read a comparative study.

Time before Purchase

It is also said as the pre-purchase time period. This is the time when a buyer discovers about you for the first time. This can be anything like social media, old buyer’s feedback, advertisements, mail, review, blog or a personal message. Some of them mentioned here can be controlled by you rest can be monitored or influenced. These things can go wrong also, but not to worry in the later section of purchase you can rectify your mistakes.

Pre-purchase interactions takes place on the store where first vision of the buyer grabs the enticing vision of custom eBay store designs installed by you on your store. This design shall be optimized enough to give a pleasant shopping experience to your buyer. Or else in no time he/she may fly away. Hence first look shall ne engaging.

The actual purchase scenario

This is the exact time when you welcome buyer to your store, remember every time it is an eBay store design that will interact virtually with your buyer and not you. Whatever you show your buyer is the exact reflection of your credibility. The core objective should be to make them feel comfortable with every functions and tools on your store so that they can make maximum purchase.

Store home page, custom listing pages, product pages etc. are core areas where they will stay most. Sincere efforts shall be made to keep them busy with stuffs posted on your eBay stores like images, product descriptions, shipping info and payments details. All this together will influence the buyers buying decisions.

After making purchase

Post purchase also involves key points where if communication is gapped the buyer will cancel the order. Billing, emails, service coupons, support services, follow up, tracking details etc. all are included in this stage.

At this stage the transaction doesn’t end, you need to have positive feedback also from the buyer. Anything gone wrong cannot be reverted back. So take extra precautions.

Take care of your buyer during these three stages and definitely he/she will revisit your store. If you need unmatched eBay store front solutions for your eBay stores than contact us today and discuss your idea with our expert eBay store designers.

11 Success Traits for Magento eCommerce Business – Part 1

Success with magento ecommerce website can be intangible if overlooked without a professional touch because the competition is very severe. The success of your website or online store depends on the overall look, functionality and mobility. According to an online research agency, 35% of buyers abandon purchase process due to complex site navigation system, 25% due to prolonged ordering process and 10% because of the website overall performance. There are numerous reasons to add the list, but that’s not our today’s point of discussion.

Mobile technology has laid a massive impact on the ecommerce industry and no seller can manage multi angular sales by ignoring it. This way mobile shopping has taken ecommerce market place at storm raining trillions of dollars every year and still expected to increase in near future.

You really need a smart strategy to grab your market share in this competitive time. eBayStoreDesigner brings you a brilliant compilation of successful magento ecommerce website development tips that will surely boost your online sales.

Read carefully to follow and implement the same to get guaranteed results.

Integrate a genuine strategy to restore buyers

Studies from highly acclaimed business schools reveal that business houses spend more to fetch new buyers compared to maintain the existing ones. A competent strategy must be incorporated so that buyers are retained. Well, what does a competent strategy look like? You can offer discounts to regular buyers, loyalty coupons, money back offers, seasonal discounts and festival bonus to attract your buyers. These are sure shot triggers to urge buyer’s to shop from you rather than your competitor. Another reason for your buyer to bounce back to you is the quality and price that you offer them.

Offer High End Support Services

A poor after sales service is enough to ruin your business whether online or offline and can cost you heavily. OK, what frustrates a buyer most? Yes, it is a filthy support service and there are number of aspects like you are dishonest in returns and refunds, shipping cost, you charge extra for free services and unearth hidden charges after a buyer makes purchase. All these together or in particular can easily tarnish your trustworthiness.

Well, then how to troubleshoot them? Simply appoint a customer care executive to look after all these affairs. Reach out to your buyer with all means like email, phone call, message, postal letters etc. and resolve queries if any. An excellent customer care service always pays the seller and tempts the seller to come back again and again.

Product Promotion

Keeping a continuous flow of online traffic, you need to design a smart email marketing plan that will deliver something new every time a buyer opens your mail. These promotion tactics keep you ranked high in the buyers’ insight. And if exact buyer segment is targeted with exact product promotion campaign then your sales will sky high within a short time. High revenue is a by-product not to mention.

Read part 2 of the blog series for more information on the success traits of your ecommerce business. Find more interesting facts on magento ecommerce website development in the next blog.

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New eBay Template Design Shines UK Solar Seller Sales

Every seller on eBay needs to basically convey to their potential buyers what product they sell and that too in a crystal clear way. In order to fulfill this requirement your store has to point out certain factors that shows seller as well as store reliability. In this eBay template design banner images with different product categories have been displayed in a sliding format so that potential buyer will get to know that the seller is exactly offering various LED lights & bulbs.

In addition to this certain trust worthy statements are also included in the left panel under the section “Why shop with us”. Here 6 reasons have been pinned that displays FREE offers, Guarantee & service atmosphere of the seller.

These types of write ups raises the bar of trust towards the seller and help him get positive feeds, more sales, heavy visitors traffics & higher conversion rates.

Along with home page link, about us, feedback and terms of use – the UK solar seller custom eBay template also includes sale items, top selling & new arrivals tabs. These features will help the buyer to search less and explore more in these sections to find their desired product.

It is really tough in the competitive eBay market to sell, but we at eBayStoreDesigner make the procedure really cool and easy going.

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We offer a wide variety of unique & fresh eBay templates & listing designs. Get in touch with our professional eBay template designers. Let us know which design is your favorite. Also do follow and like us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.